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A Child's Promise International (CPI) is a 501 (c) 3 IRS Tax Exempt Nonprofit AVO (all-volunteer organization) whose primary mission is to keep a promise to youth in the West African community of Takoradi, Ghana, for building a school and providing quality education.  The school will include a training and employment center with relationships to businesses in Ghana.  The purpose is not only to educate youth for an improved way of living and self-reliance, but to provide learning tools and a professional network to gain employment after graduation and opportunities to enter higher learning institutions

The school's sustainable success is evaluated and measured in the achievements of its students. 

Make a Promise to a student who needs your help...

Student sponsorships are a quick, easy, and tangible way to help a child climb out of poverty through a quality education she otherwise couldn't get. 

A $20.00 per month promise can make a huge difference in one of our student's lives.

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Latest News from our school in Ghana


Thanks to your support, additional  secondary school classrooms are really starting to take shape!  Our builders have erected cinderblock walls and have framed windows and doors.  Next, they'll do electrical wiring, interior walls, 

plumbing, and floors!  

Our Beginning
Teaching Students in Private Home

Students being taught at school in private home (overcrowded conditions, limited  furniture, equipment, supplies)

Our Vision
Educate Students in Conducive Learning Environment

Completed section of 

school building in Phase I of construction.   

Our Future
Construction of School Facility (Pre-K-Grade 12)

Students playing outside completed classrooms. 


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 We are very pleased to annouce that we have partnered with 

Em Tee Pot Designs 

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