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Make a Promise to a Child in Need:
CPI Student Sponsorships

Make a sponsorship pledge to a student who needs support to continue their education, and nutritional and health aid. For only $20.00 a month, you can make a difference in the life of a student, have an opportunity to follow their progress and know how your sponsorship dollars are spent.  Sponsors are needed to help students stay in school and continue their education. Due to Takoradi's coastal location, families of students earn little family household incomes as traders, in fishing industry, or in other local occupations . CPI's students are feed at the school, and provided other basic needs and services whenever possible. Student photos shown represent only a few of the over 300 in attendance.  Those students with "P" have received their sponsorship 'Promise' from individual donors committed to supporting the education of underprivileged youth in challenging environments. Others are still waiting for your kind support to help them remain in school and obtain a quality education.

We want to thank Mr. & Mrs. Asmah of the Print Ad Foundation in Ghana for the sponsorship of 2 of our students:  Emmanuella Elorm Amo JHS2 and Seth Dertu Gyampo.  These sponsorships were in the form of awarded scholarships.  CPI encourages other Foundations, Companies, and Corporations to consider supporting our mission to educate youth in Africa by also sponsoring or awarding scholarships to our students in need.

      Seth Dertu Gyampo.                                                  Emmanuella Elorm Amo         

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Flora is 13 years old and is sister to Frederick Acquah (also looking for sponsorship).She was born on 11th September 2002. She is in JHS 2, which is 8th grade in the US with 4 other students in her class. She is a brilliant student with excellent grades. Her mother is a trader who sells used clothes. Her father sometimes works on roads to earn some income for the family. Flora's favorite subject in class is Science. She loves reading and dancing. Like her brother, her favorite meal is fufu (pounded boiled cassava and plantain) and light tomato soup. Flora wants to be a doctor in future.


Frederick is 9 years old. He was born on 25th July 2006. He has one other sibling; Flora Aba Acquah who also is in need of sponsorship. His mother is a trader. She sells used clothes. His favorite food is Fufu (pounded boiled cassava and plantain) and light tomato soup. In class, his favorite subjects are Citizenship Education. His hobbies are playing soccer, reading and singing. Frederick wants to be an engineer in future.

Crosby - Promised

Crosby is 7 years old and is in 2nd grade. He was born on 18th April 2008. His mom is a single parent with two other children. Both are girls and older than Crosby. His mom is a teacher’s assistant at a school. His mother is struggling to care for, and educate Crosby and his siblings, but it is difficult being a single parent in a challenging environment. Crosby's favorite subjects in school are Math and English. He enjoys playing soccer with his friends. Crosby wants to be a Soldier in future.


Kayode is the 2nd born of three children. His father drives a local bus (trotro). His mother is unemployed. Kayode is 11years old. He was born on 6th April 2004. His favorite subject is math and he enjoys playing soccer with friends during his free time. He aspires to be a pilot in future.

Augustina - Promised

Augustina is 12 years old. Her father is a fisherman so he is usually out at sea most days. Her mother sells Kokonte and Omo tuo (local foods made from rice) by the old rails in Sekondi. Her favorite subject in class is Social Studies. She loves dancing and singing. Her favorite food is fufu and light soup. When she gets older, she wants to be a nurse.


Naa lives with her grandparents. She is 10 years old and in 5th grade. She was born on 22nd June 2005. Naa Tracy's favorite subjects are English and IT. She enjoys dancing and wants to be a bank manager in future.

Williams - Promised 

Williams is 9 years old and was born on 18th April 2006. He is in 4th grade. His favorite subjects are Math and Science. He enjoys reading during his free time. Williams wants to be a pilot in future. His mother sells fruits by the roadside and his father sells electronics in a kiosk. He's the first born of three kids; all boys.

Samuel - Promised

Samuel’s mother is a trader. He does not know what his dad does! But he says he works. Anyway he is 7years old and is in 1st grade. He has two younger siblings; a boy and a girl. He has been in the school for a year and half now. His favorite subjects are Math and Religious and Moral Education. He likes playing soccer when he's free and his favorite food is fufu and palm nut soup. He wants to be a policeman in future. 


Edith is the last of four children born to her parents and is in 3rd grade. She was born on 10th June 2008 and so will turn 8 this year. Her mother is unemployed but sporadically works as a nanny to make ends meet. Her dad was a taxi driver whose taxi has been out of commission for a while now. This has made it very difficult to cater for Edith's schooling and staying at home. Due to her ever increasing school bill due to non-payment, she had to drop out of school but the school visited and offered her free transportation to school in order to get her to come back. Edith is a smart student. She loves Math, English, Science and IT. She enjoys singing and her favorite meal is noodles. Edith wants to be a nurse in future.


Alfred is the first born of four children. He is 7 years old and was born on 29th October 2008. His father is a driver and his mother, a teacher. He has a 3-year-old sister who also attends the school and a set of twin sisters who were born late last year with complications. This has made things a bit difficult for Alfred's family but they do everything possible pay his fees on time. Alfred is a warm and friendly little boy who always gets good grades. His favorite subjects are Religious and Moral Education and Creative arts. He loves taking care of his sisters, doing chores, reading and playing football with friends. He would like to be a doctor in future.


Sadik is 9 years old and is in 2nd grade. He is the second and only boy of four children. His father is a butcher and his mother sells meat. In class, he likes Math and RME (Religious and Moral Education). When he is free, he enjoys relaxing and hanging out with friends. He wants to be a doctor in future.


Abdul is 9 years old. He is in grade 3 and is the 4th born of five children.Abdul's father is a butcher and his mother sells Koose, a type of millet pastry. Abdul loves Math and English. He enjoys playing and hanging out with friends. In future, Abdul wants to be a pilot.

Mercy - Promise

Mercy is a 3rd grader whose favorite subjects are English, Math, and IT, and aspires to be a nurse when she grows up.  Mercy is the 7th of 8 children in her family, who live in the fishing village of Takoradi.   Her family struggles to maintain their household essentials, in addition to educating 8 children in their challenging environment.