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CPI is excited to report progress on our school construction project.  These photos constitutes the last phase of ground floor construction of classrooms and new pre-school wing, consisting of nursery and kindergarten. There are still upper levels (floors) to add for the high school.
We are pleased to report progress on construction of the school’s first level, which is almost completed with the exception of finalizing plastering and installing windows and doors.  A very heartfelt 'Thank You' to our donors and partners for continuing to make this possible with your ongoing financial support. 

As classroom construction progress, costs have been increasing, prompting the school to devise strategies to reduce construction costs.  This newly acquired concrete block machine maker as seen in this picture and video below, will aid the school in its efforts to cut costs. The students extend a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all supporters of our mission!


Currently, we have classrooms 1 through  9 completed.  For school year 2016-2017, plans are progressing for completion of  classrooms 10 through 12.

 Classroom  Debates                                                                                                                                              

Laying of cement which will become the floor of second level.

Students playing games in school yard in spring 2014.



2014 - 2016
More progress thanks to your support!  The secondary school classrooms are starting to take shape.  Our builders have erected cinderblock walls and framed windows and doors.  Next step:  interior walls, electrical wiring, plumbing and floors. Finally, exterior stucco walls and everything will be painted.
Classrooms of Phase I of construction and  children in group.
Construction continues at the school in Ghana in summer 2014.