Our ObstaComer Mentorship Program commemorates the late parents (Mathew & Jean Mulenga) of our Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth Mulenga, who is a native of Zambia. The program aims to support orphans, and other Zambian youth living in marginalized and challenging environments. According to UNICEF, Zambia has more than one million orphans, giving it the highest per capita orphan rate in the world. Zambia has an estimated overall population of 13 million with 64%  of its population living on less than USD $1 per day, and  80% living in rural areas.  Zambia has the 4th lowest life-expectancy rate in world at 37.5 years.

The ObstaComer Mentorship Program is a combination of electronic communication exchange between mentor and mentee, including a series of short videos by professional speakers that will occur as needed per speaker availability. The program aims to provide mentoring opportunities for orphans, and other Zambian youth living in marginalized and challenging environments.  CPI is fortunate to have partnerships  with  Mr. Macodou N'Daw of iMac Realty LLC and Mrs. Cleopatra Islar of C&G Global Connections Travel,  who have graciously offered to volunteer their time and expertise for ongoing mentoring support.  

"An “obstacomer” is a person who has had to overcome many obstacles in life. CPI volunter, Elizabeth Mulenga coined the word obstacomer on October 24, 2016, inspired by the song “Overcomer” by Christian singer Mandisa. She combined the words obstacle and overcomer to form the word obstacomer. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines overcomer as a person who succeeds in dealing with or gaining control of some problem or difficulty. An obstacle is defined as something that makes it difficult to do something.

The video highlights our first professional speaker series and kickoff, "The Mindset for Success" with Mr. Macodou N'Daw.  

The CPI Team extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Macodou N'Daw of iMac Realty, LLC on delivering an imperative message on "Mindset for Success" to our students at New Children's Village in Zambia. His inspiring message was was not only fitting for kicking off the ObstaComer  Mentorship Program, but proved to beneficial to the extended audience in attendance.


It was a joy to coordinate with Mrs. Islar of C&G Global Connections Travel  to facilitate our first professional speaker series, and looking forward to more thought-provoking and inspiring future speaker series such as the one delivered by Mr. N'Daw.