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CPI/Charity AMOA Memorial School Complex, Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa 

Our mission and vision are to provide vulnerable students in Ghana with a quality education, in a conducive learning environment with certified instructors. Takoradi, Ghana, is a community located on the West Coast of Africa, where students' parents are struggling to support their families with extremely low family household incomes.  In this challenging environment, we encourage our students to pursue options leading to personal success. The school currently ranges from preschool to grade 9. It also provides daycare services, allowing parents to work as traders and in other local occupations. The school also manages to fundraise and community residents who can afford to do so support their students education.

CPI/Charity Amoa Memorial School Team

Fausti Awo Amoa

Fausti Amoa started a daycare in the home of her parents for working parents within the community.  Her dream was to help support the children in their community get a quality education in a quality school facility.  Like CPI, she believed education is a key component in helping to overcome a challenging environment.  In memory of the mother the school is named Charity Amoa Memorial School Complex.

Reverend Jonathan Amoa

Rev. Amoa sits on the school’s Board of Directors with his brother Kofi Amoa and sister Viola Procter both in UK. They all support fundraising projects and diligently work to help the school and its student’s meet set goals and objectives.  Rev. Amoa also is a community activist for youth education and ministers in a local church.

Seth & Dzigbordi Ahiekpor

Dzigbordi is the daughter of Charity Amoa with her husband Seth who are active supporters and promoters of the school with CPI in the United States.  They also are members of its Board of Directors.

Mathias Broohm

Mathias Broohm, husband to Fausti Awo Amoa, joined the school as headmaster or principal in January 2015.  He teaches French and has post-graduate or Master’s Degree in Education.

Classroom Instructors

These instructors have diplomas and bachelor degrees with major studies in Education, Psychology, Computer Skills, English, Social Studies, Languages, and Math.