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New Beginnings Children's Village (NBCV)

CPI works with New Beginnings Children's Village (NBCV), Kafue, Zambia located in Southern Africa.  Our partnership provides needed financial and service assistance to support and educate just one of a small group of orphans struggling to maintain basic needs as well as  a value education to become self-reliant adults with gainful employment.


In Zambia, there are more than 1 million orphans, giving it the highest per capita rate in the world.  The estimated population according to UNICEF is 13 million people, of which 64% of total population live on less than $1 per day; and in rural areas, 80% of the population live on less  than $1 per day.  Zambia has the 4th lowest life expectancy rate in the world at 37.5 years.

Many children in Zambia come from extremely difficult backgrounds and living conditions.  Some have lost one or both of their parents, some have parents who suffer from life threatening illnesses or live in other provinces, some live with abusive family members, and some are the sole providers of their families at very young ages.  To these children, escaping the cycle of poverty and devastation surrounding their lives seems impossible.  Our child sponsorship program will allow these children an opportunity to live a life they never imagined possible.  Their future is a dream in which you can elect to play a significant role in helping to come true.

You can support these youth by becoming a sponsor for only $100 per year ($8.33 per month) or providing  general donation  of any amount  by clicking on  "DONATE" button above, or send us an email to learn of  other ways to  support 

This is a group photo of Pastor Goma, his wife (far left), CPI volunteer (far right) and youth orphans at NBCV. Pastor Goma and his wife have been caring for these group of  orphans  for almost 18 years.  Below are additional pictures of  main building, girl's room,  boy's room, Pastor Goma's office, kitchen, communal room, food area, and  worship hall.