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Adientem, Takoradi, Ghana | Kafue, Zambia


A Child’s Promise International (CPI) is a 50l (c) 3 IRS Tax Exempt Nonprofit AVO (All-Volunteer Organization).  Our mission supports vulnerable and destitute youth in marginal living conditions and challenging environments, primarily in undeveloped countries, helping  youth  embrace their futures with greater achievement for personal and financial success.  Our vision is to see each youth educated and supported become healthy, self-reliant adults who are productive citizens in a global society.


Charity Amoa Memorial School (CAMS), Takoradi, West Africa


CPI works with Amoa family to educate community youth and build community school complex, providing daycare, kindergarten, compulsory grades 1 thru 9 as well as library and employment training center. In the Ghana education system only completion of kindergarten through 9th grades is compulsory, although completion of grades 10-12 is required, as in U.S, for entering higher learning institutions and better career choices. Exams are given to graduating 9th graders to continue their education through placement in selected schools around the region according to test scores.  Grades 10-12 are completed at government sponsored dormitory schools.  All of our students continue after 9th grade and have consistently maintained high scores to enter quality higher learning schools to complete grades 10-12.  After graduating 12th grade, we maintain contact with students to assist with qualifying and entering higher learning institutions or obtaining gainful employment through internships and/or apprenticeships

New Beginnings Children's Village (NBCV), Kafue, Zambia

CPI works with  New Beginnings Children's Village  in support of orphans, their care and education. In Zambia primary education is from grades 1 to 7.  Grades 8 and 9 are  Junior Secondary and ends with their Junior Secondary Education Exam, usually referred to as the Grade 9 exams.  Both the Grade 7 and the Grade 9 exams are important as they will determine which schools students may attend for secondary education.  The better the passing score for these exams, the better the school that offers student enrollment in Grade 10.  Fees are due from Grade 8 onwards, many students do not continue with their schooling after Grade 7, and often orphanges cannot even afford the basics such as uniform,  books, pencils, and other needed school supplies and requirements.. The situation is worse for orphans as their support system either does not exist or is extremely limited, with caregivers who may already be struggling to provide for their life sustaining essentials.  Each orphan craves the chance for an education.  In spite of having to walk long distances and a never-ending round of chores before and after school, they are desperate to learn.   


CPI’s strength and dedication are exemplified in its management team of committed volunteers who freely donate their time, talents, skills and personal finances. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of donations is contributed to programs and services, with only two-percent (2%) to management and fundraising.

A solid education is the foundation every child deserves.


You have options for donating a single or monthly contribution via PayPal, credit card payment, or mail-in check; or bequest a planned charitable gift which is above all a gesture that comes from the heart.  There are various types of planned giving and it is important to be informed about tax regulations that may apply. Our legal/financial advisor can provide information and help with planned gifts. Each donation supports the education of our students and helps ensure their continued education.


RUTH, 3rd Grade


I want to be a Nurse when I grow up so I can help sick people.

Mr. Mensah, English & Social Studies Teacher


I would like to see our students have access to more hands-on learning vs theory based.

ALFRED, 4th Grade


Thank you my sponsor, I am very grateful!