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Visit of Community Professionals at CAMS

Community professionals visited CAMS in during the 2024 spring term to demonstrated and talk about a usual day at their respective work places. The visit included law professionals and fire fighters. In the video to the right, local firemen  engaged students and teachers, on how to safely put out a fire, in the school's court yard, as part of a health and safety training. 

CPI Volunteers Trip to Ghana

Visits made to  CAMS in Takoradi, Ghana.  Students were provided study and other useful school supplies and materials, as well as donated gifts by CPI members.  Funds for this visit were received through generous contributions from supporters on  GoFundMe school project fundraiser.


CPI volunteers, Elizabeth, Kristen, and John facilitated  fun educational activities with students, teachers, and school administrators during the week long site visit.

NAIMUN Conference 

CPI participation in NAIMUN conference (North American Invitational Model United Nations Conference).  CPI members, Elizabeth and Isabella, attended and  presented CPI's mission and purpose to conference attendees in Washington, D.C. 


Topics were discussed and shared on our role in supporting education of vulnerable youth in Sub-Saharan Africa, to include our  recommendations for what more could be achieved based on our experiences.

5K Run/Walk Fundraiser

Dedicated supporters of all ages walked and ran competitively in support of CPI and our partnering organization the American Druze Society Washington, DC, Chapter.


Thanks to all our registrants, volunteers, sponsors, Equinox gym, Safety & Health Foundation and everyone else who helped make our past Run for It! 5K Run & Walk a success. 

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