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When one of our students is sponsored, each sponsor has an opportunity to follow their progress and know how sponsorship dollars are utilized.  Most families residing in Takoradi's coastal community are traders, workers in fishing industry, or in other meager income occupations, with little additional income from household expenses for their children’s education.  Students at CAMS are fed at school and provided other basic needs and services whenever possible. Student sponsorship fees are $20 a month per student. 



As a sponsor, the impact of your donation will be experienced first-hand through letters and photos from your sponsored student.


There are  500+ students in need of sponsors. Their education and support continue regardless of available sponsorships which are critically needed to ascertain students remain in school.  Without sponsorships, students often discontinue their education and resort to odd jobs to support household incomes.  When families can no longer support their children’s education, the children eventually become part of the same career-cycle of their parents.


14 of the 500+ students in need of sponsorship are shown below.

To sponsor a student, click on the student's image and follow the link to PayPal. You can also mail us a check or pay by credit card. 

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