For $40 a month, you can sponsor a student at New Beginning Village (NBCV) to attend a private academic institution near the orphanage.  NBCV was established in 2008 as children’s home to support orphaned and vulnerable children. The orpahange is fully registered with both the Registrar of Societies as well as the Department of Social Welfare. NBCV currently has six permanent students that pastor Goma and his wife Florence (pictured in the group photo at the bottom on this page) are legal guardians to. The orphanage periodically provides temporary housing for displaced children and youth from a local Child Services program in Kafue, Zambia.  All current students attend public schools , which  provide poor quality of education.

As a sponsor, the impact of your donation will be experienced first-hand through letters and photos from your sponsored student. You will also have an opportunity to follow the student's progress and know how sponsorship dollars are utilized. 

We invite you to check out the ObstaComer Scholarship Program under the "Programs" tab to learn more on how you can contribute to positively impact the lives of these marginalized students.  

To sponsor a student, click on the student's image below and follow the link to PayPal. You can also pay by credit card, or mail us a check. 

In the group picture below from left to right: Mrs. Florence Goma, Lister, Prudence, Grace, Georgina, Pastor Goma, Peter, CPI volunteer (Liz), Cynthia and the little boy in between the Pastor and Peter is Mrs. and Pastor Goma's son.


Below are short videos with the students during Liz's trip to Zambia in June, 2019.