The ObstaComer Scholarship Program aims to support orphans, and other Zambian youth living in marginalized and challenging environments.

"An “obstacomer” is a person who has had to overcome many obstacles in life. CPI volunter, Elizabeth Mulenga coined the word obstacomer on October 24, 2016, inspired by the song “Overcomer” by Christian singer Mandisa. She combined the words obstacle and overcomer to form the word obstacomer. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines overcomer as a person who succeeds in dealing with or gaining control of some problem or difficulty. An obstacle is defined as something that makes it difficult to do something.

CPI is raising funds to provide Georgina from a Zambian orphanage, New Beginnings Children's Village (NBCV)  with a full scholarship to attend a private academic institution in Kafue, Zambia known for providing quality education.


CPI is aiming to raise enough funds to secure her education from grade 9 through 12 beginning in the 2021 school year. Raising more funds would also enable CPI to sponsor more students at NBCV in addition to Georgina.


You can support the scholarship program by donating on GoFundMe or purchasing Elizabeth's book "An Obstacomer's Journey Through Foresight and Hindsight" in online bookstores available in three formats: E-Book, Hardcover and Softcover.  

Please click on images below to access the GoFundMe page, the book website and the NBCV Facebook page.

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