A Child’s Promise International (CPI) works with community residents of  targeted  third world countries to support the education and well-being of youth in marginal living conditions and challenging environments.  We  establish working relationships with residents of selected communities based on our capacity to make positive impacts and significant differences in the lives of vulnerable youth.    


Since 2004, we have supported  orphanages and youth in  South America, Thailand, and other African countries.  Our mission is focused on youth populations most vulnerable and challenged.  As a small AVO, our resources are limited and can only be expanded where we are capable to provide services that will improve quality of life and educational opportunities. 


Since 2009, CPI has been working with the community of Takoradi, Ghana, in West Africa to educate youth  within the community, and assists in planning future career paths for students after graduation. Our results are evaluated and measurable for sustainability and success-oriented achievements that impact life-long opportunities and choices.  Information on our student graduation numbers, success through higher grade levels, admmission to higher learning institutions, and/or employment after graduataion is available upon request.

CPI has partnered with Kidguard for the defense of children at risk of online predators.  Kidguard provides information and tools for parents to keep their kids safe online. 


CPI is participating in the Beds for a Cause fundraiser project organized by the Rotary Club of Cheshire, CT.  The project’s process is simple—new hosts on Airbnb, HomeAway or on another vacation rental website can allocate a chosen part of the rental earnings to CPI. The project will contribute CPI’s financial well-being and mission when CPI is chosen as supporting charity. More information about how to sign up to be a host is available on the Rotary Club of Cheshire’s website: www.cheshirerotary.org.  

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